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Welcome to Tim's muscle car site, this is a site about; you guessed it, muscle cars. The muscle car is one of the classic car types of the sixties, and they have started become popular again in recent years. The popularity of the muscle car isn't hard to understand, a big powerful engine in an affordable car is usually a formula for success, at least with young men. Modern safety standards have made it impossible to truly recreate the classic muscle car which is why the current versions will never be as popular as the original. There is however a huge market for classic muscle cars and they are now selling at auction for huge price tags, this is probably a reflection of just how popular the muscle cars are.

A muscle car generally refers to a two door, rear wheel drive mid-size car with a powerful engine. Traditionally the definition has also required that the car be American built and come with a moderate price tag. Some of these definitions are changing as we go into the muscle car revival. Originally muscle cars became popular during the sixties but the high gas prices of the seventies put an end to that as everybody found it necessary to switch over to a compact car. However in the early part of the twenty first century the muscle car has found a renewed popularity.

Some of the original muscle cars like the Dodge Charger or the Pontiac GTO are amongst the most sought after cars by classic car collectors. People of a certain age who drove muscle cars as teenagers or young adults are the primary source for the huge surge in the classic car market of muscle cars. These are cars that will never be available again as safety and environmental regulations will make them impossible to produce.

The original muscle cars were usually based on an existing model. Normally the manufacturers started offering their mid-size cars with larger engines, this lead to some interesting performance results. Since most cars were never really designed for the more powerful engine the tended to not have adequate steering or braking for the performance of the engine. Exactly who created the first muscle car isn't really clear and there is considerable debate on the subject but it is generally agreed that it was the Ford Mustang that really made them popular.

It was also the Ford Mustang that launched the current revival of the muscle car. A major redesign caused a huge increase in sales for the Mustang and all of the other manufacturers started offering cars to compete with it. The current version of the muscle car is quite a bit different than the original; the cars are much more refined and certainly have better overall performance. A lot of people don't really like this trend but that is just a reality of the modern world the days when cars could be built like the original muscle cars are long gone.

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